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Gel Lip Liner Filler


Semi-Permanent Gel Lip Liner Filler WP

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A semi permanent gel lip liner highly pigmented with a creamy texture. It can be used as a lip liner and works perfectly as lipstick too.

Smudge free and dries in seconds! Enjoy a large variety of shades to suit your mood. Don’t miss out on the sparkle collection too.

It has the same qualities of the gel lip liners with a touch of sparkle.


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Purples, Pinks, Reds, Nudes, Purples, Orange, Browns, Peach, Corals, Beige


04-Rebound, 06-High Maintenance, 07-Diva Deluxe, 08-Wine Stained, 09-Chantilly Lace, 10-Sophistication, 11-Strawberry Kisses, 12-Bombshell, 13-Delicious, 14-Lip Service, 15-Other Woman, 16-Satin Sheets, 17-Vintage Rose, 18-Irresistible, 19-Feeling Sassy, 20-Destined for Love, 21-Sealed with a Kiss, 22-Sinful, 23-Dangerous, 24-Heat of the Moment, 25-Read my Lips, 26-Autumn Romance, 27-Adore Me, 28-Sexy Cabernet, 29-Cinnamon & Sugar, 30-Desired, 31-Vixon, 32-Naughty but Nice, 33-Warm & Fuzzy, 34-Scene Stealer, 35-Sexy Silhouette, 36-Smolder, 37-Plumped to Perfection, 38-Barely There, 39-Princess Pout, 40-Hide & Seek, 41-Kiss me in the Nude, 42-Tropical Paradise, 43-Summer Sunset, 44-Cream Puff, 45-Spell Bound, 46-Seduce Me, 47-Luscious, 48-Bittersweet, 49-Sexy Scarlet, 204-Glorious, 205-Funky Tulip, 206-Sensational, 207-Sweet Ambush, 208-Retro Fashion, 209-Rose Chic, 210-Bow Day, 211-Pink Haze, 212-Girl Stare, 213-Bare Top, 214-Is She?, 215-Plump, 216-Brulee, 217-Sink In, 218-Deep Red, 219-Aventurine, 220-Pinkey, 801-Rozie Pose, 802-Zalmon, 803-Zealess, 804-Nudess, 805-Steela, 806-Roziz


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