PROVOC Sparkles Semi-Permanent Gel Lip Liner Filler


PROVOC Gel Lip Liner Filler WP

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Gel lip liner fillers

Provoc semi-permanent gel lip liner fillers are highly pigmented with a creamy texture. It can be used as a lip liner and glides beautifully on lips as lipstick too. It?s smudge free and dries in seconds!

Enjoy the large variety of shades to suit your mood and attire.

Don?t miss out on the Sparkles collection too, they have the same qualities as gel lip liner fillers but with a touch of sparkle.


Additional information

Weight 0.007 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 14 cm

Purples, Pinks, Reds, Nudes, Purples, Orange, Browns, Peach, Corals, Beige


04-Rebound, 06-High Maintenance, 07-Diva Deluxe, 08-Wine Stained, 09-Chantilly Lace, 10-Sophistication, 11-Strawberry Kisses, 12-Bombshell, 13-Delicious, 14-Lip Service, 15-Other Woman, 16-Satin Sheets, 17-Vintage Rose, 18-Irresistible, 19-Feeling Sassy, 20-Destined for Love, 204-Glorious, 205-Funky Tulip, 206-Sensational, 207-Sweet Ambush, 208-Retro Fashion, 209-Rose Chic, 21-Sealed with a Kiss, 210-Bow Day, 211-Pink Haze, 212-Girl Stare, 213-Bare Top, 214-Is She?, 215-Plump, 216-Brulee, 217-Sink In, 218-Deep Red, 219-Aventurine, 22-Sinful, 220-Pinkey, 23-Dangerous, 24-Heat of the Moment, 25-Read my Lips, 26-Autumn Romance, 27-Adore Me, 28-Sexy Cabernet, 29-Cinnamon & Sugar, 30-Desired, 31-Vixon, 32-Naughty but Nice, 33-Warm & Fuzzy, 34-Scene Stealer, 35-Sexy Silhouette, 36-Smolder, 37-Plumped to Perfection, 38-Barely There, 39-Princess Pout, 40-Hide & Seek, 41-Kiss me in the Nude, 42-Tropical Paradise, 43-Summer Sunset, 44-Cream Puff, 45-Spell Bound, 46-Seduce Me, 47-Luscious, 48-Bittersweet, 49-Sexy Scarlet, 801-Rozie Pose, 802-Zalmon, 803-Zealess, 804-Nudess, 805-Steela, 806-Roziz


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